There wouldn’t be a cozier place to be at than under your quilt, sleeping comfortably on the bed. The fluffy setup sucks you right into the paradigm of paradise that you would never to let go of. Purchasing the quilts and pushing yourself into its cozy insides is one thing, but making one for your needs adds more joy to it. Having to make a quilt for yourself may not be the favorite activity of everyone. But there surely are people who have the urge to create beautiful and comfy quilts to slide beneath it at nights. It could also be a great way of expressing love for others by gifting one such handmade quilt.

Plenty of such benefits come with making a quilt, including the proper utilization of the cloth scraps and fabric remnants that you have been storing for a long time. You might have wondered how difficult it is to make these quilts, but it is, indeed, a cinch.


If you are that person who has procrastinated the entire process of getting the quilts done for the complexity that you thought it entails, you don’t need to do that anymore. It is much easier than you have conceptualized it to be. To make it seem more doable, let us have a look at some patterns that are magnificent but easy to make.

1. Nine Patch Bento Box Quilt

This variation to the popular design of Bento Box has a nine-patch block at the center, which would be a good start for you at quilting. Proper placement of the patchwork and its size can be ensured by following the instructions to get the strip-pieced quilt done within a few hours.

Nine Patch

2. Dancing Nine Patch Quilt

No normal pattern can be found on this quilt. You will surely fall in love with it if you are that person who adores eccentric and vibrant designs. The nine patch quilt blocks in the pattern are surrounded by a scrappy combination of colorful squares on both sides. Flip-flopping these squares then create the layout of the quilt pattern. This stands as the best choice for the people who want to fall into an illusion with the patterns made out of scraps.

3. Easy Hunter’s Star Quilt

At the very first glance of the hunter’s quilt star pattern, you could be intimidated by the complex style. But it is, indeed, a simple one to construct. Before sewing the pattern onto the quilt, it would be better to look through the basics of how to get it done. You must gain enough skills prior to quilting since the designs have to be proportionate.

Easy Hunter’s Star Quilt

4. Kaleidoscope Quilt

This is yet another pattern that looks complicated at a glimpse. The beginners often avoid the on-point method of sewing the quilt blocks, but you don’t need to fear it. Start doing it with the kaleidoscope quilt, and you are surely going to excel at on-point sewing.

5. Contemporary Baby Quilt

If you wish to begin with easy patterns and at a smaller scale, you could go for baby-sized quilts. The contemporary pattern used here is so appealing with the various shades it holds. All beginners can easily make this quilt since the blocks used for this is simple to construct.