All crafts that you see in your daily life will have been made using some fine tools by a dexterous set of hands. You will need brushes and paints to get the abstract concepts on the canvas. Likewise, a tool kit is essential to make the best handmade quilts. A certain amount of cutting and sewing comes with the task of quilting, which you need to be proficient at to get your product without the slightest of imperfections. Learn the basics of quilting and develop the skills to handle the needles and other tools with ease.

You might be confused about what tools to use when you are inexperienced in quilting and have only started with it. If you visit a nearby quilt shop or online stores, you are sure to discover the wide range of quilting tools; that would leave you baffled. Check this list to find out the best tools for beginners so that you find it easy to purchase without having to look through the specs of every product available product in the stores.

1. Rotary Cutter

A wide variety of rotary cutters are available in the stores; to select the best one from them would depend on the quality that the brand offers. Test drive the cutters in stores and see which one of them is easy to handle. Pick the right one for you and start cutting the material for your quilt since using rotary cutter takes you way ahead in the game. Quick-piecing your quilts and cutting patchwork shapes can be easily done using rotary cutters.

2. Rotary Cutting Mat and Rulers

When you want to protect the surface you are cutting, use rotary mats since they are made of hard material which also keeps the sharpness of cutter blade intact. Buy the rotary rules that are transparent so that you can cut the fabric accurately by maintaining a better grip over it. If you are sewing it at home, go for the mat of size 24”x 36,” whereas if you have more space to spare for the activity, larger mats can serve your purpose well. Use portable mats when taking quilting classes with which you can travel distances.

Rotary Cutting Mat

3. Sewing Machine

If you are into hand sewing, you could carry on with that practice since you will learn to handle the other tools by doing it all by yourself. Otherwise, buy a sewing machine. You wouldn’t need the expensive machines that sew the unconventional stitches and patterns. Go for the basic versions that stitch the old straight patterns, and also look for the walking foot feature as it helps in straight machine quilting.

4. Iron and Ironing Board

You can use the one that you have at home. If you don’t have it, make sure to buy an iron that is moderately heavy since the press would be effective only when a perfect combination of heat and weight works. When purchasing an ironing board, go for the one that is bespoke for quilters. It is easier for you to press the quilts on the rectangular board since the shape eliminates the effect of the narrow leg.